Agricultural sector

Solutions and pumps for the agricultural sector

Water is an essential and irreplaceable finite resource. As a result of its ever-increasing demand and the unrestrained global demographic growth, water resource management has become crucial in the phases of both supplying and disposal..

Agriculture employs more than 70% of available water resources. It is therefore very important to have effective and efficient systems in order to manage in the best way this very important resource. STAC offers solutions of the highest quality and reliability, both for small farms and for bigger ones, throughout the complete water cycle, that is from the extraction, use and disposal phase:

  • extraction of groundwater
  • supply from streams, rivers, collection channels
  • plantation irrigation and drip irrigation, capillary irrigation, sprinkler feeding systems
  • livestock breeding and washing
  • waste water disposal
Pumps for agricultureThe technology offered by STAC for the agricultural sector
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