8″ submersible pumps series VS

Fully stainless steel submersible multistage
pumps at NEMA standards, suitable
for pumping of clean water in 8”
wells, water plants and systems for residential
and industrial use, pressurizing systems and irrigation plants. Pumps have to be coupled with 6” or 8” submersible motors at NEMA standards, lubricated either with non-toxic oil, either with water. Oil lubricated motors are preferable in places where the electric current isn’t firm.

  • Deliveries: 0 – 2000 lt/min
  • Heights: 0 – 507 mt
  • Power: 7,5 – 110 Kw
  • The pump is completely realized in Aisi 304 stainless steel (316 on request)
  • The maximum pump diameter is 199,5 mm