Renewable Energy Sector

Solutions and pumps for the renewable energy sector

STAC Srl offers consultancy and solutions for the exploitation of solar energy in order to operate its electric pumps. The more effective solutions are those without batteries, which have following advantages:

  • it is cological and economical
  • no maintenance and operating costs
  • no purchase costs for batteries, maintenance, replacement and disposal
  • high performance (MPPT)
  • easy and safe installation
  • fully automatic operation
  • can completely replace a hand pump

The basic idea is to accumulate water in tanks instead of electricity in batteries, so when the sun shines, the pump starts automatically and fills the tank (until it turns off thanks to a float switch). Thanks to the inverter that regulates and protects the electric pump, it can work with significant flow rates and pressures and can also be used directly for irrigation or water supply.

The system is proposed for submerged pumps, but almost all the pumps available in the catalog can be connected to photovoltaic panels through an inverter that we can supply.

Pumps for renewable energyThe solutions proposed by STAC for the renewable energy sector
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